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Nov 9, 2020

Beyond Fair Trade: Ebrik’s Social Solidarity Supply Chain Pledge

You’ve heard us talk a lot about coffee, equity, diversity, and even gentrification. As we’ve said: it’s a lot more than a cup of coffee. Here, I’d like to walk you through another angle: how the green coffee bean trade can make or break whole communities, keeping them in poverty or creating structural change for generations. 

Oct 9, 2020

How to keep the Ebrik vibe alive during COVID? -- Bring the shop to you!

Have you been looking for ways to bring the Ébrīk spirit to your work from home (WFH) or office environment? Abbas lays out the steps we're taking to ensure you can continue cultivating Community, Comfort, and Culture wherever you are...

Aug 14, 2020

Solidarity, not Charity: the Bella Ciao Story

A lot of folks have been talking about our coffee line, Bella Ciao, where you direct 30% of your purchase to a local charity. It’s been a hit, so here’s the back story, and thoughts on making our charity donations more than a "feel good fix". . .

Jul 30, 2020

CoVID Update

Ebrik is evolving & adapting -- CoVID may have changed the game, but Ebrik is rising to the challenge. Although we had to close our coffee shops, we are opening a new home online so we can continue the beautiful work of fostering community, comfort & culture through coffee! Read more about what we've been doing since CoVID...
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