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CoVID Update

At Ebrik, we strive to make more than just coffee. Our goal is to foster community, comfort, and culture. 

For 6 years, Ebrik was a name most people had heard in Downtown Atlanta. If you’d never been to the coffee room yourself, you knew someone who had. 
During our tenure downtown, we have created an environment that was meant to welcome all. In doing so, many communities were able to find a safe place in the Ebrik Coffee Room. 

We have welcomed everyone to be a part of the Ebrik family (we love our Ebrik fam) and as a company hold social justice and equality close to our hearts. This has always been something we’ve held with great pride.

But in the Spring of 2020, we all had to adapt, change, and evolve due to the effects of COVID-19. While we no longer have our physical shops the true essence of Ebrik remains unchanged. Ebrik is more than a place, it’s home. Our community, our family, is still standing. 

We started as a couple of friends wanting to share their love of coffee and create a space for the people of Atlanta. All of the People.  
From the students, faculty, and staff at (the real) GSU to our fellow business owners and friends. Writers, Photographers, and Fine Artists. The day laborers and domestic workers. Local law enforcement and the Atlanta Unhoused. We hoped to create a space where the community was fostered and built. Where tough conversations were had and actionable change was started.

Now that we’ve moved online the support from our Ébrīk fam is immeasurable; and we’re looking forward to continuing to support you as well. From weekly familiar faces during Meet Ebrik and Office Hours with Barz to special talks like “Radically Inclusive” that challenge what it means to be an equitable space.

We’re keeping our community alive and continuing to serve great coffee too!
We’ve also got lots of new products in-store to help you keep fighting the good fight, be it in the streets of Atlanta, the classroom or the boardroom.

Thank you for being a part of the journey!

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