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Sunrise in Jakarta (West Java, Indonesia. Medium-Dark.)

Sunrise in Jakarta (West Java, Indonesia. Medium-Dark.)

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With an earthy and vegetative aroma that might remind you of green peanut, this robust and full-bodied high-mountain coffee from West Java lands a heavy mouthfeel carrying notes of malt and cacao with a slightly winey acidity, and finishes with an herbal aftertaste. You might even notice a slightly spicy kick to it. Drank hot, it's the kind of cup you might romantically drink around a campfire. But this hearty brew holds up well in milk and a natural sweetener will compliment its natural molasses-like sweetness, whether cold-brewed or brewed as a drip coffee and chilled.

Iced coffee with milk (es kopi susu) has been a booming fad in Indonesia over the last several years (especially in Jakarta), transforming the entire country into a coffee-savvy culture. Of course, coffee already has an early and famous history with these islands that “Java”, the island on which these beans were grown, became a nickname for coffee.

This coffee was purchased from the Frinsa Estate, a family-owned coffee cherry buyer in West Java considered a "collective" because of their relationship with neighboring smallholder farmers. Whenever coffee is delivered to the estate, they rinse, sort, and depulp it on the same day, then ferment it for 18 hours. It's washed to remove the mucilage, then dried on patios for 7-10 days. This is a quicker process than most, called "wet-hulling", designed for fast drying in a very wet, humid region. It also develops unique flavors in the beans, which look almost blue when raw. We've roasted this both dark and medium to make sure the complex acidities shine through the strong body and show you a spectrum of flavor -- although we could roast these dense beans even darker than they are now and you'd still be able to taste the origin flavor just fine.

70% Dark Roast (Full City +) 
30% Medium Roast (City +)

12 oz. coffee beans.

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