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The Full Week Package

The Full Week Package

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You're set for the week year-round with our classy black tumbler and white mug, each marked with the Ébrīk coffee stain logo in Tumeric Yellow and Mediterranean Blue, respectively. Take your coffee to go on days out, make it in your mug on days in. Enjoy delicious Delava® baklava when you have time to sit down with your new favorite mug.

In this package:

  • From Atlanta with Love, 12 oz. bag (Cauca, Colombia | Medium) - With a little Southern Sweetness, this bean makes a smooth cup with balanced body. You might taste something like almond and the clean taste of green grape.
  • Mystery coffee, 12 oz. bag 
  • Delava® Baklava (2 piece) - An absolutely delectable flaky, light pastry of cashew and rosewater with fenugreek seeds that excites your teeth with its crispy crunch, then melts in your mouth. Produced by friends of Ébrīk in Atlanta.
  • Stainless steel tumbler - Emblazoned with the Ébrīk coffee stain logo in tumeric yellow on a black background, kept insulated by double-walled stainless steel and cork bottom that makes it gentle on any surface. Holds 16 oz.
  • Ébrīk Coffee Stain Mug - White ceramic mug with our coffee stain emblem in Mediterranean Blue. Holds 11 oz.
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