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Pour-Over Starter Kit
Pour-Over Starter Kit
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Pour-Over Starter Kit

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The pour-over method of coffee brewing is a century-old tradition that started in 1908 but is surging in popularity in recent years. While home drip coffee makers mechanize this process, it's still impossible for them to accomplish what a human can do, and the manual method is making a comeback because it allows the drinker to extract more flavor from the grounds -- all while enjoying the colors and smells that swirl in the foaming bed of wet grounds. Coffee snobs may have you think it's a complex process, but although it does give you more precise control over your brew than any machine, it's really an easy way to prepare a cup of joe.

Our printed instructions make it even easier to understand the basic technique behind properly brewing a pour-over coffee, with a few added suggestions for how anyone can take their brewing to the next level. With some coffee grounds, they'll be able to get started right away!

Package includes:

1 Ébrīk mug - 11.5 oz. standard-sized mug, dishwasher safe
1 Melitta pourover cone - fits mugs 3.5 - 4.5 " diameter
1 pack of 5 filter papers (#2) - can be commonly purchased at grocery stores
1 pour-over instruction card - all that you really need to know
1 package of two pieces Delava baklava, a local company of friends of Ébrīk who make the most deliciously flaky cashew and rosewater baklava

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