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We know, it can get confusing. The hype around coffee these days can be a little much: single-origin, flavor notes, altitude, washed process--what's it all about? Thankfully, we keep it simple: fresh, quality green beans, responsibly sourced, roasted with care, and shipped to you right away. For those new to this world, your taste buds will do the teaching. For those who've been in the specialty game for a minute, you already know Ebrik delivers.

We roast our coffees in-house right around the corner from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Castleberry Hill. The magic happens in our small-batch roaster, promising the freshest and most custom cup of coffee you can find. We source our single-origin green beans from around the world--all ethically farmed and fairly purchased unlike most of what's out there--and then prepare them to bring out the brightest flavors and most complete taste profile possible. We work directly with the best importers in the country, so that each sip you take has been vetted from farm to the cup. Our roasting mentors at Mill City include some of the leading SCA certified experts in the industry.

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