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CAIR - For a Cup
CAIR - For a Cup
CAIR - For a Cup
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CAIR - For a Cup

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With every cup, a brighter future for Muslims in Georgia.

You've helped us lead the fight advocating for civil rights, justice, mutual understanding and empowerment for American Muslims. Now you can further your support in an exciting new way: by subscribing to coffee beans roasted locally and sourced ethically by a Muslim-owned business, through CAIR's partnership with Ébrīk Coffee Room in Atlanta.
ORIGIN 40%  Java, Indonesia
60% Cauca, Colombia
40% Dark (Full City +)
60% Medium (City)
Cauca, Colombia and the island of Java in Indonesia lie almost exactly opposite of each other on our globe, but in this hearty brew they are brought together in a harmonious dialogue of flavor. The Colombian beans are roasted to the tail end of "city" level, a medium roast, to bring out crisp, sweet flavors, while the Javanese beans are roasted at a dark "Full City +" level, adding caramelized flavors and drawing out oils from the beans to increase body. The result is a full-flavored cup where savory and wine-like notes from this Java dance with a taste like white grape from the Colombian beans.

Unlike other coffees, with each and every purchase of this organic, ethically traded specialty coffee, you support CAIR's mission to protect civil rights, promote justice, empower American Muslims, and enhance understanding of Islam. Georgia especially needs freedom and justice for American Muslims, and while we have accomplished so much, there is still work to be done before everyone in this state experiences the civil rights and fair treatment they deserve.

In the majority-Muslim country of Indonesia, Java was one of the earliest players in the global coffee trade and despite massive setbacks after a disease wiped out coffee crops, remains one of the largest producers of coffee around the world. These beans were collected from a large family farm in West Java called the Frinsa Estate, while the Colombian beans were grown by AMACA, an association of women farm-owners.

Every coffee drinker relishes the aroma and rich taste of a good cup of coffee, but that everyday ritual means so much more when you and your family's morning brew is furthering a brighter future for Muslims in America.

12 oz. whole bean or ground coffee beans.


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